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Ayad Alqaragholli WA 2016-06-03




" The figure is very important in art history. The first artists drew figures on the walls of caves and in time they then began to make obelisks. Afterwards they made figures of heroes from their history in the form of sculptures. The contemporary human can read the story of the history of the world from the artwork that has been produced throughout the ages.

The figure has accompanied me in my mind since I was a child.

My artwork is a documentary from what I see in my daily life. The figure in my artwork means love, land, peace and freedom and modern history needs to translate and document reality. In philosophy the meaning of art is about the history of mankind.

All my artwork is built on two things - form and idea, narrative and beauty. The idea for my artwork begins in my mind as a dream about humans, then animals and ending with birds. Also I connect the two different cultures of Mesopotamia and Australia in my artwork which reflects the old world and the new world, so I adapt the old to become new and reflect this in what I produce. My memory carries a lot of observations from my childhood.

I use many materials in my artwork but my favorite is bronze because bronze is a material that has been used throughout history, it has the 'smell' of history of the civilizations in the museums and public art around the world."

habibi sculpture bye ayad aalqaragholli_c.jpg



·         Solo Exhibition 1989 - Baghdad

·         Solo Exhibition 1991 - Baghdad

·         Solo Exhibition 2001  ‘Incantation’ - Beirut

·         Solo Exhibition 2002  ‘Sumerian Conversation’, Royal Cultural Centre, Jordan

·         Solo Exhibition 2004 - Morocco

·         Solo Exhibition 2006  ‘Thirty Chairs’ – Bahrain

·         Solo exhibition 2009 – Dar Al-Anda Gallery, Jordan

·         Solo exhibition 2009   ‘From Mesopotamia’, emerge ART  SPACE, Mt Lawley, WA

·         Solo exhibition 2010   ‘Kiss and Fly’, emerge ART SPACE, Mt Lawley, WA

·         Solo Exhibition 2012 ‘The Pasage South’, emerge ART SPACE, Mt Lawley WA

·         Solo Exhibition 2014  Rommana emerge ART SPACE, Mt Lawley WA

·         Solo Exhibition 2014 Rommana Kaede Art Gallery, Osaka Japan


·         Three Artist Exhibition 2001 – Amman

·         Exhibition held by Arts office inside Iraq

·         Exhibition held by Arts office outside Iraq

·         His work exhibited at Mezan- Baghdad, Ena’a, Alwan, Akked and Ather, Galleries: Amman and      

        Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Tunis, Saudi, Egypt, Yemen and Qatar

·        International participation: US. San Diego, Jakarta, China, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Italy and France.

·         His work exhibited at Central TAFE gallery, ‘Visual Arts Graduate Show 2008’, Perth.

·         His work exhibited at Perth Galleries , Gallery East ‘& Gomboc  gallery, Western Australia.

·         His work exhibited at emerge ART SPACE, ‘OBJECTIFY’, Mt. Lawley, Western Australia.

·         ‘Migration of Ideas’ 2010, Dar al Anda Gallery, Jordan

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2010 Cottesloe.

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2011, Cottesloe.

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2011, Bondi.

·         Wesley Church ‘Stations of the Cross’ Annual Group Exhibition.

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2012, Cottesloe.

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2013 Cottesloe.

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2014 Cottesloe.

·         Sculpture by the Sea 2015 Cottesloe.

·         Amman International Symposium Jordan 2012.

·         Kaede Gallery 2012 Osaka Japan.

·         Honan Temple 2012 Kyoto Japan.

·         COHJU Contemporary Art 2012 Kyoto Japan.


·         Iraq Museum for Modern Art – Baghdad

·         National Art Museum of Modern Art – Amman

·         New Norcia Museum WA

·         Asago Art Museum  Japan

·         Jesus Baptism – Dead Sea - Jordan

·         French Cultural Centre – Baghdad and Amman

·         UNESCO. Org. – Amman

·         UNHCR. Jordan and Switzerland

·         Multicultural North Perth, Western Australia

·         Statue in ASeTTS Perth Western Australia.

·         Central TAFE Perth WA

·         Curtin University Perth WA

·         Janet Holmes a Court

·         Kerry Stokes

·         Andrew Forest

·         Fremantle Hospital Perth WA

·         Mater Hospital Brisbane Queensland

·         Robert & Trish Juniper Collection


·         UK, USA, France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, China, India, Greece, Cairo, Austria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Finland, Kenya, Canada, Swedish, Croatia, Russia, Italy, Noriega, Japan, South  Africa, New Zealand,  numerous  Arab countries, Australia.


·         Cottesloe station Street Western Australia.

·         Kwinana Thomas Road Western Australia.

·         Subiaco Rokeby Road Western Australia.

·         Eden Garden Sydney Australia.

·         UNHCR Amman Jordan.

·         ASeTTS Perth Western Australia.

·         Point Walter Western Australia.

·         Perth Modern School Perth Western Australia.

·         Pinnaroo Valley Western Australia.

·         PLC school Western Australia.

·         Byford High School Western Australia.

·         Qingdao International Park, China.

·         Changbai Mountain, China


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bronze-casting -outdoor-statue-factory.jpg                                                     Girls & Sofa / Bronze / 4.5meters high / 2015 

bronze-animal-sculpture.jpg                                                     Man, Dogs & Chairs/ Bronze / 5 meters Tall / 2016


                                                     Garden Sculpture / Bronze / 6meters high / 2017


                                                     Flying / Bronze / 3meters high / 2018

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