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Bronze Cundhi bodhisattva | No 51 2016-09-21
Artwork No. 51 Buddha sculpture   
DimensionH / 22 m (72 ft)
Material Bronze with golden leaf coated 
Year 2011 

Finished Buddha sculpture - Cundhi bodhisattvabronze-Cundhi bodhisattva-sculpture-statue.jpg

1:1 Scale head mold in clay stage Bronze-buddha-sculptures-Cundhi bodhisattva.jpg

Dragon 1:1 scale mold in clay stage Bronze-dragon-sculpture-for-buddha-series-sculptures .jpg

Installed welded before golden coating 

Large-bronze-Cundhi bodhisattva-sculptures.jpg

After Golden leaf coating Golden-Bronze-buddha-sculptures-Cundhi bodhisattva-golden-coated-buddha-sculptures.jpg

Dragon setting base 1:1 scale in caly stage


Buddha 's  servant after golden leaf coated 

Golden-coated-sculpture-of-Cundhi bodhisattva.jpg

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