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How to Sand and Grinding Stainless Steel Sculptures? 2020-08-10

How to Sand and Grinding Stainless Steel Sculptures? 

Sanding and grinding is one of the most important aspects of making a stainless steel sculpture, and the following points need to be noted throughout the process of sanding from coarse to fine. 

1, When sanding and grinding, try to make the sculptures parallel to the grinding wheel, hold the grinder with both hands and follow the shape of the stainless steel sculptures. 

2, Prevent jumping and uneven grinding when processing. If the jumping phenomenon occurs, the polishing wheel may not be on the axis, or the polishing wheel may not be round, but it is more likely to be a gesture problem. Do more comparative analysis to find out the cause. 

3, the need for solid wax for polishing, a wax can not apply too much, in order to avoid the polishing wax friction after the heat so that the melting cover on the surface of the sculptures, and cover up the existence of various marks on the surface of the sculptures and pockmarks, which will affect the quality of sculptures polishing. 

4, The longer the polishing time, the better for coarse and medium polishing with sanding discs. As sanding disc has better cutting power than sisal wheel, over sanding will cause local overheating and change the shape of the sculptures.

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