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Welding Steel Frame Structure for Stainless Steel Sculptures 2020-08-24

The internal substructure(Steel Frame structure) supports the key part of the sculpture's stainless steel panels, which needs to be welded by a licensed professional welders, and the substructure is constructed according to the national steel structure specifications. The welding electrode should be consistent with the material of the substructure, i.e., if the substructure is made of 304 stainless steel, the welding electrode must be used for welding, and the welding specification must comply with national standards.   

The main role of the  substructure is to determine the accuracy of the panel shape and connect the stainless steel panel and the internal main steel structure, it plays a very important role, Sino Sculpture Group attaches great importance to the quality of the Substructure of the process, welding technicians must hold a certificate issued by the state to carry out welding operations; and we have professional testing equipment, such as flaw detection test, to ensure that it meets the standards before proceeding to the next step.

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