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To Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sculpture 2020-10-20

Stainless steel cladding facade sculpture is an indispensable art in urban life. Its content is getting richer and more adaptable to the rapid development of modern life; its expression in the design of urban space is becoming more and more flexible; its significance and function is that it can better strengthen the atmosphere of urban space, participate in the composition of the building and become part of the building itself. The appearance of metal sculpture cladding façade will enrich and improve the design of urban space. Stainless steel sculpture is one of the most important elements of building cladding façade decoration. The appearance and application of sculpture can not only realize the market value of artworks, but also put into practice the principle that art should serve and beautify people's life. It can better guide people's aesthetic taste and thus improve their aesthetic quality. Metal sculpture cladding façade can increase the humanistic concern in modern urban space, reflect the city's cultural characteristics and architectural style, to beautify the city and improve the city's taste.

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