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Large Stainless Steel Sculpture in Loading and Transportation by Sino Sculpture 2020-12-29

Many people will be surprised by the large outdoor stainless steel sculptures they found in their daily lives. How exactly are these giant stainless steel sculptures transported to the site for installation? Today we will solve this mystery for you. 

First of all, in pre-production of huge stainless steel sculpture, we will have a thorough consideration of the entire procedure of production, transportation and installation. Thanks to the weld-ability and plasticity of the metal, which makes large sculptures become possible. 

In the model optimization stage, we will produce a set of sculpture transportation plan, this plan includes the choice of transportation means, the limitation of the size of the transported goods, the highest and widest limit of the transported goods by the bridge and tunnel in the transportation route; minimizing the cutting can save the installation time and cost, and also reduce the impact on the sculpture shape. 

Once we had gathered all the information, we were able to cut the sculpture in the 3-D model and then design a plan for on-site installation. This ensures that the sculpture can be transported to its destination and assembled properly. The next step is to produce the sculpture according to these plans; after the entire sculpture is trial assembled at the factory and then shipped in pieces.

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