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Mr. Xie Ke 2017-05-23


Biography of Xie Ke

1955           Born in Hong Kong

1978           Graduated from Hong Kong Ling Hoi Art School

1978-80      Was a graphic designer and illustrator at Hong Kong Television Broadcast Ltd

                   Golden Harvest Film and Rediffusion Television (Hong Kong)Ltd 

1980           Graduated from First Institute of Art and Design, Hong Kong

                   Went to further studies in History of Traditional Chinese Art at Beijing’s Central Academy of Craft & Design

                   (now known as Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts

1981-87      Returned to Hong Kong to teach at First Institute of Art and Design as a senior lecturer and Hong Kong 

                   Polytechnic as a visiting lecturer

1987-95      Set up a design studio and publishing house in Hong Kong

1996            Migrated to Singapore

1997            As the organizer of the Executive Director of the first of Singapore International Art Fair

            The same year was founded "HaKaren Art Gallery" in Singapore, specialist to promote Chinese artists and

                    organized more than 100 art exhibition

2007            Relocated to Beijing and designed own art studio 



Selected exhibitions and publications

1980            Hong Kong Society of Illustrators Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Arts Centre

1985            Chinese New Year’s Traditional Block Prints - Xie Ke private collection exhibitionHong Kong Arts Centre

                    Wrote Chinese New Year’s Traditional Block Prints, published in Hong Kong

1987            Wrote The Art of the Chinese Pagodas, published in Taiwan

2004            Participated in Contemporary Chinese Art group exhibition, Marseilles Art Museum, France

2008            Took part in ARTSingapore 2008 and ARTBeijing 2008

2009            Exhibited in ARTSingapore 2009

2010            Charisma – A Solo Exhibition of Xie Ke, Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing

                    Exhibited in Fine Art Aisa 2010, Hong Kong

2011            Took part in CIGE 2011, Beijing and ARTBeijing 2011

                    Took part in SH Contemporary 2011

                    Sensation of Contemporary Art group exhibition, Singapore

2012            The Territory of Xie Ke – A Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                    Dialogue Contemporary Art group exhibition, Langham Place Beijing

2013            Micro-infiltration Group Exhibition, Sui Feng Art Centre, Beijing

2014            International Art Biennale, QingDao 2014, Shandong, China

2015            Took part in Beijing and ARTBeijing 2015

                    Young Heart Burning Love – A Solo Exhibition by Xie Ke, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing 

                    Beyond Belief – A Solo Art Exhibition by Xie Ke, Singapore

2016            in88 • PDFCHIC – Group Exhibition, Beijing

                    Took part in Beijing and ARTBeijing 2016

                    Alumni exhibition of Tsinghua University and Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

                    Elites' Treasures Show, Art Gallery of Sun International Auction Ltd, Hong Kong

                    The 60th anniversary of the founding of Academy of Fine Arts Tsinghua University Alumni Nomination

                    Exhibition, Beijing

                    Unbounded Art Exhibition, Beijing

                    8090 Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition, Hong Kong

                    Xiamen international 3D print Fashion Festival - Contemporary Sculpture Invitational Exhibition, Xiamen,


2017           Took part in Beijing and ARTBeijing 2017

           Alumni exhibition of Tsinghua University and Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


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