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6 Meters High Stainless Steel Spinning Top Sculpture 2020-03-06

Top is one of oldest toys in China and the world. It can be rotated by the centre point. In China, it is a common toys in Childhood.It was full of enjoyment and good memory in many children's young age. Children whipped it to keep it spin as long as it can be. It has great attraction for watching the spinning Top. 

Due to the special memory and the the shape of the Spinning top, it has became one source of the Artwork creation. One of Chinese artist has created the Spinning Top sculpture in the state of spinning. To enlarge it to the height of 6 meters with mirror polished stainless steel material. For fabrication, the structure is challenge to us as the Spinning top is lean which caused the centre of balance is not in the point that put in the ground. Our structure engineers has spent many days to design the structure and calculation. In the both effort of the engineer team and our craftsmen, finally, the construction drawings approved and the fabrication started. The mirror polished finish reflected the ground and sky well. In winter, the snow view is much more attraction, and many visitors came to take photos with it. 


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