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cast-aluminium-life-size-realistic-sculpture-statue 2020-03-23

Dimension: life size

Material: Aluminium

Location: China. 

The figure monumental statue was cast by aluminium. The cast aluminum statue sculpture has a unique historical and cultural background. When making a group of statue memorial sculpture, it contains the emotions and styles of the author's designing. In addition to the shape, color, and artistic atmosphere, the cast aluminum sculpture is more reflective of the people in the city where the sculpture is located. Emotional appeal, while beautifying the city, it is also necessary to enrich the humanistic significance of landscape sculpture, and achieve the goal of harmonizing and unifying the theme content of landscape sculpture with the local historical and cultural environment.

cast-aluminium-art-sculpture-cast aluminium life size sculpt_副本.jpg

                                                     Aluminium Statue ready for installation.

cast-aluminium-sculpture-cast aluminium life size sculpture _副本.jpg

                                                       Aluminium Statue ready for installation.


                                                 Details of the aluminium sculpture

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