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What is the differences between stainless steel sculpture & fiberglass sculpture? 2020-04-24

What is the differences between stainless steel sculpture and fiberglass sculpture? And what advantages do they have?
1. The Differences,

1.1 Materials
Stainless Steel Sculpture - Stainless steel is an alloy metal containing chemical elements of chromium and nickel. It was born more than 100 years ago and is widely used in daily life. Stainless steel sculptures are mainly made of 304 stainless steel and 316, 316L stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.
 Fiberglass Sculpture - Fiberglass is a composite material composed of synthetic resin as the matrix material and glass fiber and its products as reinforcement materials.
1.2 Craftsmanship
The production process of stainless steel sculpture is roughly divided into forged stainless steel sculpture and cast stainless steel sculpture.
 Fiberglass Sculpture, a specific clay material to make the corresponding sculpture to be made. After the clay model is completed, the gypsum outer mold is turned over, and then the fiberglass (that is, the combination of resin and glass cloth) Thing) painted inside the outer mold. After it is dry, open the outer mold, and then go through the mold clamping process to obtain the finished FRP sculpture.
1.3 Service Life
Stainless steel has a strong corrosion resistance, so the sculpture made of stainless steel can have a life span of several decades. If the maintenance is good in the later period, the life span can exceed 100 years.
 The fiberglass sculpture has been deformed, fragile and fragile after more than five years of sun exposure and wind erosion.
1.4 Surface treatment
Stainless steel sculptures have various surface treatment methods, such as matt, polishing, electroplating, gold-leaf, painting, etc.
 The fiberglass sculptures are mostly painted or electroplated.
1.5 Cost
Due to the differences in materials, manufacturing processes, and surface treatments, the cost of stainless steel sculptures is higher than that of fiberglass sculptures.
2. Advantages of each of them

2.1 Stainless steel sculpture, metal material with metal characteristics, good ductility, strong plasticity, high temperature resistance, high humidity, strong corrosion

Stainless stel sculpture were made by Sino Sculpture Group. 

2.2 Fiberglass sculpture, raw materials are easy to obtain and cheap. Strong plasticity, low cost, simple construction and short construction period. Lightweight, easy to carry and move. Strong corrosion resistance.

Fiberglass sculptures in Cartoon figures.

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