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Large Stainless Steel Sculpture Fabrication Process by Sino Sculpture 2020-09-07

Designing a sculpture that fits the theme is very challenging. In order to create a good sculpture, the sculptor must visit the site where the sculpture will be installed, and experience the local customs, cultural landscape, and the theme of the sculpture. The choice of materials, as large outdoor sculptures are made to last for decades, centuries or even centuries, and must be durable. Furthermore is the production process, forging or casting, whole casting or sub-casting. Different processes will vary in price, determine the cost of sculpture three factors: one is the labor, two is the process, three is the raw materials, the more complex the process, the greater the difficulty of production of artificial cost is also higher. The more complex the process, the more difficult it will be to produce, and the more expensive it will be to produce the sculpture. Transportation and installation, which is an important part of the process for large stainless steel sculpture. If the sculpture is too large or too wide, transportation will be limited. Large metal sculptures can be transported in pieces and installed on site, which is not only easy to make and transport, but also helps in installation and saves production costs. For installation, when making sculpture in parts, full consideration is given to the convenience and simplicity of installation, large sculptures are usually outdoor works, full consideration is given to the height of large sculptures, as well as the safety of working at height. Finally, large outdoor stainless steel sculptures are easy to maintain, and the frequency of maintenance varies depending on the surface treatment of the sculpture, which is fully considered in the initial design.

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