All the works listed are fabricated by SINO SCULPTURE, we forbid any behaviour of plagiarizing and duplicating in any form. Please respect artists and yourself as well
FAQ No.3 WHO Cooperated with Sino Sculpture foundry. 2020-11-24

Sino Sculpture worked with the Artist , Designer, Sculptor, Architect studio over than 30 countries on the world, We do have many excellent Cooperator  &  Partner for long term cooperation.

We do focus on high quality large  artworks and sculptures for the artist from all over the world. 


Cooperated with Artist/Architect/Designer to realized the perfect artwork project is our mission.


Service range: Artwork  Sculpture  related Consultation, mold (Marquette) enlargement, Optimized, structure calculation, fabrication, World installation.

 Partial Cooperator  &  Partner of Sino Sculpture foundry.


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