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What is the scope of Sino Sculpture company’s fabrication? 2021-01-14

What is the scope of Sino Sculpture company’s fabrication?


Sino Sculpture Group is an integrated sculpture consulting & fabricating company and factory providing service of  large metal sculpture design, evaluation, optimization, fabrication and worldwide installation.In the past few years, we have completed some different scale metal sculptures, artworks, projects, designs over the world with our best quality standard,


Our main fabrication scope include but not limited to:


- Stainless Steel Sculpture

-Steel Sculpture

-Corten Steel Sculpture

- Bronze Sculpture

- Bronze Buddha

-Bronze Relief


Now SINO has the first class team of sculpture design, fabricate, engineering support, installation, sales and customer service, owing to that, we could undertake different size or level of sculpture projects in all over the world.  If you need high quality work and service, please try to contact us .



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