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The Significance of 3D Print Tech in Stainless Steel Sculpture Fabrication 2021-01-27

The invention and application of 3D printing technology has enriched the means and materials for the creation and production of sculpture art, making the process of fabricating stainless steel sculptures simpler and more intuitive and accurate to achieve the artist's creation.

 3D printing technology is based on three-dimensional digital modeling software, the use of powdered metal or plastic and other curable molding materials, through the layer-by-layer printing of three-dimensional digital models to achieve a three-dimensional space object technology. 3D printers are equipped with powder and other curable molding "printing materials", and computer connection, through the computer control of the "printing materials" layer by layer superposition The final three-dimensional digital model on the computer into a physical object.

 The advantages of 3D printing technology are,

 first, to save materials, improve material utilization, and reduce costs by abandoning the production process;

second, to achieve a high degree of accuracy and complexity;

third, no longer need any traditional mold, it can directly generate any shape of object from computer graphics data;

fourth, can automatically, quickly, directly and accurately convert the design in the computer into a model, thus effectively shorten the product development cycle;

fifth, it can take shape within hours, and it allows artists to make the leap from a flat drawing to a solid.

3D printing has changed the sculptor's helplessness to heavy physical labor, allowing the sculptor to complete the creation of the sculpture in the design stage, while leaving the laborious realization process to a machine that can fully realize the sculptor's intentions. The sculptor simply sits in front of the computer and expresses his or her design intention or creative intent into a digital 3D image through 3D software, pushes and modifies it on the computer until the digital 3D image can fully reflect his or her artistic ideology, and then selects the appropriate material and support structure for expression, followed by a 3D printer to easily and quickly realize the physical form of his or her design idea.

 3D printing technology enables the artist's conceptual art form to be realized, further broadening the artist's field of concern and making the artwork more rich and diverse in form, and it requires only a digital model from the sculptor to accurately materialize the work, increasing the efficiency of creation while also reducing the risk of failure and the labor intensity of the sculptor, making the later stages of sculptural art creation a simpler process and more accurate expression of the artist's artistic ideas.

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