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How to make the Gold leaf Buddha sculptures? 2021-02-01

1. Clay Modeling sculpting  (Our sculptors made models of Ksitigarbha's clay model based on the photos provided by the temple )

塑泥稿 (我們的雕塑師根據寺廟提供的照片,進行塑造,製作出1:1 地藏菩薩的泥稿模型) 

clay model of the bronze buddha sculptures

Clay mold at Sino Sculpture  Beijing Foundry Studio 

clay model of the bronze buddha statue

The Sculptor work the ksitigarbha sculpture molel

Art director makes detail adjustments

2.Reduplicated into FRP model (Base on the above clay mold sculpture, we turn the clay mold sculpture into FRP material. )

玻璃鋼翻模 (根據上一步的佛像泥塑,把雕塑翻製成玻璃鋼材質.)
fiberglass of  the bronze buddha sculptures

3. Bronze casting in blocks. ( The whole Buddha statue will be cast in blocks according to the size)

分塊鑄造 (整尊佛像按照尺寸進行分塊鑄造)
casting  bronze buddha sculpture foundry

Casting bronze buddha sclpture in pieces , at Sino Foundry 

4. Sculpture casting completed ( We will do weld, shape, and seamlessly process to each block to complete the whole sculpture )
雕塑鑄造完成 (我們會進行焊接,把每塊焊接,造型,並做無縫處理,完成雕塑的鑄造)
 bronze buddha sculptures

5. Scrape the putty (We do apply the Putty on the bronze sculpture, before gilding, fill in and modify the welds or pits on the surface of the Buddha statue to ensure that the flatness of the surface before spraying the primer.)
刮原子灰 (我們在貼金前,在銅像表面刮原子灰,用於填平和修飾佛像表面的焊縫或凹坑,保證噴底漆前表面平整。)
scrape the putty on  bronze buddha sculptures
6. Spray primer (After scraping the putty and before applying the gold leaf we need to spray primer on the surface of the sculpture that has been processed.)
噴底漆 (刮膩子後 和 貼金前,我們需要在已經處理好的雕塑表面噴底漆。) 
spray primer on the bronze buddha statue

7. Gold leaf Buddha statue ( Technical confidential for the time being, no more description. )
佛像貼金箔 (技術暫時保密,不再贅述。)
gold leaf coated on bronze buddha statue
8. The Gold leaf Buddha finished
gold leaf buddha sculpture fabrication

9.Site installation completely


Gold leaf buddha sculpture 1.jpg

Gold leaf buddha sculpture 2.jpg

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