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Forged Stainless Steel Dolphin Sculpture 2021-02-19

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sainless steel dolphin sculptures-Hilton Cabo Verde Hotel

Basic details of the Sculpture:

Art Sculpture  No. & Name:                              Dolphin Sculpture

Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth):            H 2m / 7 Feet in Height

Material:                                                             Surface stainless steel 316 + Internal structure null

Finish:                                                                 Matte

Artwork Finished Time:                                    2016

Installation Location:                                        Cape Verde

THE DOPHINE sculpture installation at Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

                                                                                                                                                                                                     THE DOPHINE sculpture installation at Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

About This Project

clay model of the stainless steel Dophin Group sculptures Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

                                                                                                                                                                                The british Sculptor work on the clay model of the dophin sculpture at Sino Foundry 

This group steel dolphin sculpture was designed by a female artist from UK. The original clay model was made by the artist herself. 

Stainless steel dolphin sculpture forging is purely handmade. The maker can make full use of the ductility of the metal material in the process of forging and hammering, and flexibly exert the ability of artistic creation. There are always many emotions between people and animals. The stainless steel dolphin sculpture made the environment more peaceful, natural and vivid, and enriched the artistic interest of the garden.

hand forged made stainless steel Dophin Group sculptures Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

                                                                                                                                                                                                      The dolphin sculpture forging by hand, Stainless steel thickness 2 mm 

fabrication of the stainless steel Dophin Group sculptures Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

                                                                                                                                                                             The stainless steel dophin statue done the matt finished at factory yard of Sino Group 

 stainless steel Dophin Group sculptures Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dophin Group sculptures Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

Packing & Shipping Forged Stainless Steel Dolphin Sculpture 

Before fabrication, we will make a suitable packing and shipping plan for forged stainless steel dolphin sculpture project. We have coordinate the professional artwork crates company who can pack the sculptures in export standard. Cooperating with the specialized shipping agent for the shipping service in ocean shipping, air cargo and international express, to ensure the clients will receive the forged stainless steel dolphin sculpture artworks without any damages and timely.

package of stainless steel Dophin Group sculptures Hilton Cabo Verde SAL Resort

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Installation Cases and Introduction. 

For large forged stainless steel dolphin sculptures, and projects, it commonly will cut into many sections for shipping, and then reassembled at site, we Sino Sculpture have a professional overseas installation team. They can handle the site installation work coordinates with local technicians. We Sino sculpture also can provide technicians to the site for installation instruction and support for the client’s installation. For easy-handling installation work, the instruction drawings will be provided and the client can install it refer to it by themselves to cost-saving. Any how, we Sino will give a best and easy-operated method for every client. Below is the last 5 years typical projects site installation over the world. 


1. What are the main materials you used to make sculptures?
-Stainless steel in degree of 304, 316, 316L.
-Silicon Bronze; Tin bronze; Copper.
-Corten steel
-Mild steel.
2. What is the main material used as the internal structure?
- 304 degree stainless steel;
-mild steel.
3. What are the main methods or crafts you used to make a sculpture?
- Hand forging (new type of sculpture fabrication)
- Casting (Traditional way)
4. What is the progress of the above 2 crafts and any differences?
-Hand Forging: Modeling - Cutting metal panels - Hammered & shaped metal panels by hands - Welding&assembly - Grinding & finish -Installation.
-Casting - Modeling - Lost Wax/sand casting - Welding&assembly - Grinding&Polishing - Installation.
The main difference of the 2 crafts is that, hand forging is a way that directly use metal panels to shape the form of the model, which is similar to wear a cloth outside of the model. It will not change the material’s physical characteristics, no need to heat and melt the metal material.  While traditional Casting have to heat by coal, it may cause its chemical component changed and caused some pollution(air pollution, solid pollution etc.).
5. What is the main finish you can do?
-Stainless steel sculpture - mirror polishing, hair line, spray painting, gold leaf, electroplate, titanizing, patina.
- Bronze/Copper sculpture - patina, spray painting, gold leaf, gilding.
6. How do you pack the sculptures and which way you can deliver?
-Small size sculpture, first is a very soft and fine pearl foam to wrap the sculpture safely, and second is bubble plastic air bubble film to wrap, and then put it into a plywood box which 6 insides were covered by 5mm thick pearl foam, and fixing the sculpture in the export standard box security in by extra soft material.
-Large sculptures, cut it into small sections based on the loading dimension of Containers, and then pack each section with steel frame.
-Deliver way, sea freight, air freight. rail freight, express.
7. What are the trade terms you company can be applied?
8. How is about the payment terms of your company?
-T/T, 20%-50% as the deposit, and the balance shall be paid before shipping.  

9. Can I come to visit your factory?
-We Sino warmly welcome any time. 

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