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Sino Sculpture Work Moment Review of 2020 2021-03-03

In the past year, 2020, under the influence of the global COVID-19, Sino Sculpture overcame all difficulties, actively complied with the national epidemic prevention policy, did a good job of disinfection of the environment every day. We gradually resumed production under the condition of ensuring the safety of personnel, pushed forward the delayed schedule in a timely manner, and provided warm and thoughtful services to artist customers from all over the world through online, reasonably arranged production, transportation, installation etc., to ensure that each piece of artwork sculpture will be delivered to customers with quality and quantity.

In the new year of 2021, the vaccine is introduced and applied, and we hope all people can stay healthy and overcome the COVID-19 as soon as possible and resume the normal order of life. At that time, new and old customers at home and abroad are also very welcome to visit our company in person.

Once again, we would like to thank every artist and designer client and friend who gave great support and trust to Sino Sculpture in 2020.  

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