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How to duplicate a FRP model? 2021-03-08

Duplication a FRP model is vital process to cast a metal sculpture. We have made a brief video for this work. If you are interested in it, please follow and watch the below short video, and I believe, after watched the video, you will have a general understanding of it. While for better and deeper exploration of the FRP model duplication, I am happy to share more detailed content of this kind of process for study.

 Why do we have to make a duplication FRP model or fiberglass model to cast a bronze/stainless steel/aluminium sculptures ?

 To cast a metal sculpture, the first step is to sculpt it by clay which is soft and easy to form and correct. But, the clay model could not last too long, it will shortly become dry and crack, which is hard to maintain the shape, then we have to find another material to duplicate it to solve. Then the FRP fiberglass, or plaster have been applied for the model duplication. The FRP, fiberglass and plaster model is strong enough for long term storing, and moving or transporting.

 And then, you will be wonder how to duplicate a FRP, fiberglass or plaster model from clay?

 1. After the clay was sculpted well and all details of the clay model confirmed, the prepared silicone will be applied on the surface of the clay model, and then plus the wet plaster on the silicone for protection.

 2. Taking of the dried plaster shell from the clay model, commonly it will be cut small sections. And brushing model release to take off the silicone model out of the plaster shell.

 3. Pouring the prepared flowing resin into the plaster shell and waiting the resin become dry.

 4. After the resin dried, pick it up. Then to repair each resin sections, and assembly these resin sections with adhesive.

 5. finishing - to grind the joint lines, and polish all surface of the model and make the finish same as the original clay models.

 Following the above all steps, the FRP and fiberglass model has been obtained, it also ready for further casting process. As a professional metal sculpture fabricator, We Sino Sculpture have accumulated large experiences in the FRP model duplication, and welcome clients come and visit our foundry.

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