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Stainless Steel Atrium Sculpture for Giant Cruise Ship 2021-04-02

This stainless steel artwork will be installed in an atrium area of a giant cruise ship. The material is 304 degree stainless steel. Its whole height is 8.7 meters which consists of a central column and 110 triangular rods of different lengths fixed and assembled by bolts. The center stainless steel column is mirror polished, and the triangular rods is spray lacquer painted. 

The design concept of this art installation came from client and we have optimized it according to the fabrication process. During the 3D model optimization, both sides have exchanged opinions of design scheme improvement to achieve better and higher artistic effect. 

 The project has took around 90 days from fabrication beginning to pre-assembled and erected in Sino’s factory for finial approval. This art installation is now on the way to the finial installation site and will be soon completed.

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