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Casting Bronze Abstract Figures Sculpture 2021-05-28

Casting Bronze Abstract Figures Sculpture

Material: Bronze

Dimension: Standing man is H368mm

                     Standing woman is H346mm 

                     Sitting woman is H194mm

Surface Treatment: Patina

Craftsmanship: Lost Wax Casting process

Finished Time: 2020.

Installation Place: Australia


This is a group of cast bronze figure sculptures, which surface with patina finish. Usually, we use casting process for smaller sculptures with complex details, because it can better show the tiny details of the sculptures.

The artist use abstract performance to show handsome image men and feminine of women. They sit on the floor, or look into the distance, look vivid and lifelike.

 1:1 3D printing model

Casting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.5.jpg

Casting process of figure sculpture

Casting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.8.jpg

Complection of casting in bronze

Casting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.6.jpg

Patina surface treatmentCasting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.7.jpg

Complete casting figures sculpture

Casting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.9.jpg

Casting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.2.jpg

Casting Bronze Figure Sculpture 1.1.jpg

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