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Hotel Artwork Steel Dolphins Sculpture 2021-06-24

Sculpture Name: Dolphins

Material: 316 stainless steel with brush finish

Sculptor: Toin Adams

Installation Place: Hilton Hotel, Cape Verde

Year of Completion: 2016.


This group stainless steel dolphin sculpture was created by a female sculptor Ms.Toin Adams from UK. The 3 original clay models were made by the artist personal in Sino Sculpture’s studio in 2016. And then the clay models were duplicated into fiberglass models for further metal production.


While considering these Dolphins were expected to install onto a water wall at the lobby of Hilton Hotel in Cape Verde, so the high anti-rust material - 316 stainless steel has been suggested to produce these Dolphins animal sculptures.They were all purely hand made with the process of forging and hammering on the fiberglass models. Hundreds and thousands times to beat the stainless steel plates by hand to make them to from the flat and smooth curved body shape of each Dolphin. There were total 10 Dolphins which were produced by hand forging with brushed finish.


These vivid Dolphins were well decorating the lobby of Hilton hotel and creating a harmonious feeling to all the guests staying in the hotel. There are always many emotion connections between people and animals. The stainless steel dolphin sculpture made the environment more peaceful, natural and vivid, and enriched the artistic interest of the Hotel. 


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