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Huge Park Metal Sculpture - Emperor Wu Training the Sailors 2021-07-02

Video: Huge Park Metal Sculpture - Emperor Wu Training the Sailors

In the Kunming Pool Scenic Area, located in the southwest of Xi'an, there is a magnificent and landmark large sculpture - "Han Wu Da Di (the Great Emperor of Han Dynasty) training his sailors," which is spectacular. The main body of the sculpture is a huge building ship. Two dragons on the prow of the ship have high dragon heads and sharp claws; the Han Emperor standing on the deck with his hands on his sword and his eyes wide open; the gale raises his cloak to look extraordinarily imposing. He is surrounded by warriors and generals are all steely-eyed, showing the mighty and strong heroic spirit of a great nation's generals. 

The main body of the ship is made of copper with hand forging craft, supported by the main steel structure inside. Emperor Wu, generals and war horses on the ship are made by hand forging as well, the image is vivid. It is a replica of the spectacular scenry of the ancient Han Dynasty when Emperor Wu led his generals in the water for battle drills. 

Due to historical changes, Kunming Pool has long since dried up and disappeared. In order to artistically restore the Kunming Pool, the designer used a circular of mirroring stainless steel to simulate the pool water, surrounding the building ship, with the flow of the fountain on the circular mirror finish, making the pool water appear sparkling and lifelike. This ring mirror stainless steel installation is also forged by hand, the mirror surface effect is also made by hand grinding and polishing. The stainless steel mirror ring is beautifully crafted with a high polish finish that reflects the sky and the reflection of the bronze boat. 

 When night falls, the sculpture of "Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty Training the Sailors" will light up with dazzling lights, illuminating the people around who are enjoying peace without war and disturbance, as if it can also illuminate the road home of those loyal and brave warriors who are far away from their homeland to keep peace. Xi'an Kunming Pool·Qixi Park, with this sculpture as its core, was completed in 2017 and has become a new tourist attraction in Xi'an.

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