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5.5meters high mirror steel sculpture Harmony has been completed. 2021-08-20

                                                                                                                                                                           Video: The production process of the Harmony sculpture.



Material:316L stainless steel

Surface Treatment:Mirror Polishing


Site installation:Prague, Czech Republic

After Installation of the 5.5meters high Harmony sculpture.jpg

Arms stretching to hug the nature, the wind and the the sky, to feel the freedom and harmony from the posture of the mirroring reflection artwork outside.

Completed production of the mirro steel sculpture Harmony in Sino's factoryClose-up shot of the HARMONY  artwork.JPG

This mirroring stainless steel sculpture named Harmony, designed by Czech Republic artist.  The Harmony is high 5.51meters(18ft), made by 316L stainless steel with mirror finish. The main craft to make the Harmony is hand forging and welding, from the 3D model provided by artist. A centre pillar inside of the main body of the steel artwork for structural strengthening, and a steel flange at the bottom of the pillar for site fixation with foundation plinth. This art piece was just finished the erection last 2 weeks in Czech Republic, and wishing more visitors will see it when walk around there, to feel its unique designing and harmonious atmosphere.  

Package and shipping of the Harmony sculpture.JPG


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