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Urban stainless steel monument, mirrro polished steel urban installation 2021-10-16

                                                                                                                                                      Video of the night lighting view of the artwork

This stainless steel Spiral sculpture Spiritual fortress was finished installation in the year of 2020 and located in Lilanz cultural creative park of Fujian province.

Forged stainless steel spiral sculpture night view

                                                               The completed nigh view of stainless steel spiritual fortress sculpture in Lilanz cultural creative park

Basic Information of This Forged Stainless Steel  Spiral Sculpture

Art Sculpture  No. & Name: Stainless steel Spiral Sculpture

Dimension  (Height x Width x Depth): H28M

Material: Surface 316 stainless steel+Internal structure Q345B carbon steel

Finish: Mirror polished

Completion Year: 2020, 

Location: Quanzhou, China

Detail Information About this Mirrored Stainless Steel  Spiral Sculpture
It is designed by Chinese artist,the overall shape is composed of three isosceles triangle pillars spiraling upward in the isosceles triangle position, and they merge into a point at the top. At the same time, each triangle pillar is connected by multiple equal stainless steel wires.
The height of this mirror stainless steel spiral sculpture is 28m(91.86ft). Its exterior surface panel made by 316L stainless steel plate, and interior structure made by Q235B. The surface shows a mirror polishing effect, meanwhile by combining with LED light presents lighting effects of different color changes at night, highlighting the sense of layering and expressiveness.

stainless steel spiral sculpture 3D print model

                                                                                           3D print and material preparation of stainless steel spiral sculpture in Sino Factory

Main structure fabrication of stainless steel spiral sculpture

                                                                             Forged stainless steel spiral sculpture main structure fabrication in Sino Sculpture Factory

Custom stainless steel spiral artwork manufacturer

                                                                                                         Surface panel assembling and welding for stainless steel spiral sculpture

mirror polishing artwork of stainless steel spiritual fortress sculpture

                                                                                                              Polishing work of customized stainless steel spiral outdoor artwork.

Pre-installation of stainless steel spiral sculpture,mirror stainless steel spiral sculpture

                                                                                                                                                 Pre-installation work in Sino Sculpture Factory

This customized mirror polished stainless steel spiral sculpture is finished fabrication in our Xiamen factory and total spend about 20 days to finish the on-site installation

custom stainless steel spiral artwork on-site installation for Lilanz

                                                                                                                                              On-site installation work for Lilanz creative park.

final polishing of stainless steel spiral artwork

                                                                                                                                                         Final polishing work of on-site installation

As a special stainless steel sculpture manufacturer, we choose hand forging craft for this mirrored stainless steel spiritual fortress artwork, ensure the surface smooth and flatness, so as to show a perfect polished mirrored effective.
Such a fantastic stainless steel spiral sculpture named Spiritual fortress not only carries the feelings of the artist, but also expresses the culture of a region and shows the craftsmanship of a country.

The completion of installation work for stainless steel spiral sculpture

                                                                                                                                                             Installed in Lilanz cultural creative park

Night view of stainless steel spiral sculpture
                                                                                                                               Night view of stainless steel spiral sculpture after installation

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