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Stainless Steel Sculpture Fire Tree with Silver Flower 2022-06-09

Basic information about this stainless steel Fire Tree artwork


Size: H9m (29.53ft)

Material:316L stainless steel

Surface Treatment: Mirror Polishing


Site Installation: Shandong, China

                                                                                                                Video: Mirror polished stainless steel fire tree located in the south of Yantai Waterfront Road City Exhibition Center in China.

Detailed information about this stainless steel Fire Tree artwork


Fire Tree with Silver Flower

It is located in the south of Yantai Waterfront Road City Exhibition Center in China, about 9 meters high, made of stainless steel with a mirror finish. Symbolic meaning: life is like a tree! The work to the sky as the main shape of the tree, the trunk of the trunk center layers of progressive trunk image, symbolizing the district's economic and social undertakings flourishing, like the tree upright, uplifting upward.

Stainless steel light tree sculpture is a new form of artistic expression in recent years, the dynamic photoelectric elements in the static mirror stainless steel sculpture design, a combination of movement and static, so that the cold metal sculpture art glowing with the breath of life, but also lit up the night scene of modern cities.

Since its introduction, the mirror stainless steel lighting sculpture has made outstanding achievements in domestic urban landscape construction, becoming an important element in the construction of the urban environment, some have appeared as landmarks in the city's promotional videos, and some have even become new attractions for the development of urban tourism, highlighting the construction of urban spiritual civilization. Harmonization with landscaping and urban planning, and better integration with the urban environment. Not only play the function of brightening the city but also be able to better interpret the customs and feelings of the city. Light art and high-tech technology into one, refining a more urban aesthetic art creation, enhance, help the city's image to a better, greener, more intelligent direction, rising to the city's iconic business card.

Let the light and sculpture will be combined better and better, the role of beautifying the regional environment is very powerful, with the effect of the finishing touch, but also to further express the moral of the work, to improve the admirability of the work. In the future, stainless steel light sculpture will certainly be loved by the general public and traditional sculpture lovers.

Mirror-Polishing-Stainless-Steel-Fire-Tree-Sculpture-Fabrication                                                                                                                                                                      The round tube fabrication process of hand forging and welding for this fire tree sculpture.


                                                                                                                                           Mirror polishing surface treatment and pre-installation for this stainless steel tree sculpture in Sino's factory.

Mirror-Polishing-Stainless-Steel-Fire-Tree-Sculpture-Site-Installation                                                                                                                                                         Completion of site installation of this mirror-polished stainless steel Tree sculpture in Yantai, China.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Top view of the completed mirror-polished stainless steel Tree sculpture on-site.

Mirror-Polishing-Stainless-Steel-Fire-Tree-Sculpture-Night-View                                                                                                                                                                 Night view with the lighting system effect of this mirror-polished stainless steel Tree sculpture.

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