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Steel Panel Matching for Stainless Steel Sculpture 2020-09-04

Stainless steel sculptures generally require multiple stainless steel plates to be joint together to create the sculpture, a process that requires welding. The welders typically use sub arc welding and fusion welding. After the welding,  grinding and polishing will be continued and make the surface smooth. According to the abstraction of stainless steel sculpture within the structure of the steel frame modeling, according to the proportion of the required height or length of the material sample, cutting material, the tools used: electric scissors, cutting board machine, plasma cutting machine, oxygen slicing stainless steel panel sample, material, according to the requirements of the work after cutting, in accordance with the shape of the undulation changes in forging, each piece of stainless steel surface texture effect are to maintain the same, can not let the plate surface to leave a hard injury, so as to avoid polishing problems. After leaving a defect; after the main body's forging, splicing, welding, polishing treatment, are all correct, according to the requirements of the work, with electric welding or argon arc welding, in stainless steel welding, usually with tungsten argon arc welding, can achieve excellent welding quality results.

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