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Singapore Ksitigarbha Statue Preliminary Accepted Successfully 2020-10-22

On October 12, 2020, the representative of the Singaporean customer carried out the inspection and acceptance of the Ksitigarbha statue before gold leafing. Affected by the global epidemic  COVID-19, online video conference was adopted for this acceptance in Tianjin factory. The representatives of Singapore temple, the organizing committee, and the project member from Sino Sculpture participated in the acceptance work.


This Buddha statue total height 4.5 meters and fabricated with copper . The body and lotus seat of the Buddha are cast, while the canopy and cane of the Buddha are forged. This Buddha statue surface treatment is gold leaf and will be installed in Singapore in November 2020.

The two parties discussed and decided on the shape of the Buddha statue and the gold leaf surface process, and the final preliminary acceptance was successfully completed.

Reported by Sino News team 


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