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How to Maintain and Extend the Service Life of Forged Stainless Steel Sculpture? 2021-01-07

How to Maintain and Extend the Service Life of Forged Stainless Steel Sculpture?


1, Avoid Scratches and Collisions.

Forged stainless steel sculpture as a display item placed in the outdoors, is very vulnerable to damage, such as scratch, collision, etc.. If placed in a low position, many small children can be touched. Some are scraped with stones, some are the result of scraping with metal blades and so on. When this happens, it is necessary to polish the forging stainless steel sculpture to repair. The repair cost is high.


2, Keep a Dry Finish.

Some forging stainless steel sculptures need to be placed in an humid environment, while forging stainless steel sculpture is appropriate is placed in a dry environment. Of course, this is not particularly important to note, because most of our forging stainless steel sculptures are placed outdoors. In the southern weather, especially in spring and autumn, spring rain, late autumn dew is also long, basically it is difficult to continue to dry. Luckily it is forging stainless steel sculpture, if other materials of metal sculpture may be more bad. This is also one of the reasons why forging stainless steel sculpture long service life.


3, Regular Cleaning.

Forged stainless steel sculpture installation environment determines the frequency and number of cleaning, if the surrounding greenery is better, less dust, then you can not half a year or a year to clean; if the environment is poor, then you can clean once a quarter. Cleaning needs to be regular, gentle movements when cleaning, generally first with a neutral detergent to apply, and then gently wipe with a lint-free towel. If the stain area is relatively large, you can use a small manual spray gun to spray again, and then use a dry towel to wipe dry.


4, To Prevent Sweat, Acidic Chemical Liquids and other Impregnation.

Forged stainless steel sculpture although there is to prevent the performance of air, water vapor and acid and alkali salts and other chemically corrosive substances, but for the human body sweat and some acidic and alkaline chemical liquids will still have some rust impact. Therefore, try not to directly touch the surface of the sculpture with your hands, such as contact and unintentionally stained with acid and alkali chemical liquids, timely cleaning and drying, to keep the surface of stainless steel sculpture clean.

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