Sino was found in year of 2000, It’s an integrated sculpture fabricating & consulting company providing service of metal sculpture design, evaluation, optimization, fabrication and installation. So far Sino has worked with artists, designers, engineers, architect, and decoration companies from over 20 countries, creating more than 50 large pieces of indoor & outdoor sculptures, city monuments and building decoration parts that extend in China, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Norway, Australia, Singapore, Mongolia, Hong Kong etc. and won many prizes in different sculpture exhibitions at home and abroad.
Titanium Plating Stainless Steel Deer Sculpture
Mirror stainless artwork | Sculpture No. 22
28 Foot Contemporary art sculpture |
2018 new completion stainless steel project art 081
Large mirror polished seamless stainless steel facade sculpture| Sculpture No. 125
art 051 stainless steel snake sculptures
art 053 mirror stainless steel contemporary sculpture
art 052 growing sculpture| color stainless steel texture
Stainless steel artwork No.35
Custom Urban sculpture | Public art Sculpture
Series No. 5 | Mirror stainless steel contemporary sculpture
Large stainless steel sculpture | mirror stainless steel art sculpture
Red Flamingo | stainless steel wired mesh sculpture
Cloud sculpture | stainless steel mesh could sculpture
2018 new completion bronze sculpture art 083
Bronze Sculpture | Casted bronze sculpture
Dream sculpture | Stainless steel public art for train station
Apple sculpture, Mirror polished stainless steel apple sculpture
Mirror polished contemporary artwork
Tree Sculpture